The Consell promotes the start-up of the Center for Aging Research with 2.5 million euros

by | Jul 22, 2022 | News

Its objective is to contribute to the progress, promotion, study and development of outstanding scientific research into aging.

The Plenary session of the Consell has approved a collaboration agreement signed between the Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society and the International Center for Aging Research (ICAR) to promote the start-up and the development of multidisciplinary research into aging, to improve health and living conditions in the light of the increased longevity of the population.

To this end, the Generalitat (Regional Government of the Valencian Autonomous Community) will give ICAR 2.5 million euros as funding in 2022, which is part of the strategy of the Consell to promote technical and scientific research in order to contribute to the acquisition, dissemination and the transfer of knowledge to solve basic problems of society through research, experimental development and innovation.

This commitment to support the Center for Aging Research will help meet the present day needs related to aging and the quality of life of citizens and those that arise in the future, bearing in mind that almost 20% of the population is over 65, and this percentage will double before 2050.

The funding will be used to carry out activities related to the objectives of the entity, which include ground-breaking research and investigation in the field of molecular and cellular biology and the genetics of aging or the development of new therapies and/or treatment for age-related diseases.

It also includes developing training programs through specific measures, seminars, training programs for holders of scholarships or internships and the supervision of doctoral dissertations, the organization of national and international scientific meetings or collaboration in the drawing up of general principles and guidelines to promote and coordinate activities related to research on aging in Europe.

Center for Aging Research

ICAR was set up as a private non-profit foundation whose objective is to contribute to the progress, promotion, study and development of outstanding scientific research on aging from a multidisciplinary point of view, by incorporating socio-economic and health science approaches.

The objective is that this institution becomes an international biomedical research center, which can attract talent and be a reference center in the study of prevalent age-related diseases, and the increased fragility and susceptibility of seniors to suffer from other conditions including infectious diseases.