The new Center for Aging will become a meeting point between Elche and

by | Sep 28, 2021 | News

– Carolina Pascual highlights the competitive advantages of this location through a project that is situated halfway between the two cities..
– Antonio Rodes says that «there is nowhere else in the whole area that could have these characteristics».

The establishment of the Center for Aging Research in Elche, which will be an international benchmark and a «robust» scientific project that will let Elche and Alicante look at each other and go forward together on the path towards economic development, as the minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Carolina Pascual, remarked.

«Both cities will benefit from a project that will involve creating a first class center that has an international impact through multidisciplinary research on aging », the minister pointed out.

It is located just a few meters away from Alicante, so both municipalities can identify themselves with its competitive advantages. Moreover, it is located next to the Elche Business Park, so companies can make the most of the inherent benefits too. The location can be used as a meeting point between the two most important cities of the Alicante province and the surrounding area of the innovative structure of the Digital District, to increase the commitment to innovation, science and research in the Alicante region.

Furthermore, it involves locating strategic projects in an area that has great future potential, it is in the vicinity of the IFA (Alicante Exhibition Centre) and the airport.

This project also supports the university community of the Alicante province, because it is a link between the university campuses of the University of Alicante and Universidad Miguel Hernández of Elche, its respective scientific parks and even the technological institutes located in the province.

The announcement from the president of the Generalitat (Regional Government of the Autonomous Community of Valencia), Ximo Puig, last Monday, during the general political debate is, according to what the minister of Innovation said, «good news and it highlights the commitment of president Puig and this Ministry to support the province of Alicante».

The minister explained that «this project is located halfway between Alicante and Elche, it will promote both cities so that they work together on the basis of economic growth».

The Center for Aging Research would be located between the port and the airport, between the University of Alicante and the Universidad Miguel Hernández of Elche, between the EUIPO, the Ciudad de la Luz and the Elche Business Park, and close to the IFA, with around 600,000 inhabitants in a radius of 10 kilometers.

Other competitive advantages are the access to different means of transport and the communication; by road with the A-7 and A-31; by rail with the Commuter Trains, regional Medium Distance train service and the AVE high speed trains; by sea with the port of Alicante; by air with El Altet airport, which is just one kilometer away.

As the general manager of the Digital District, Antonio Rodes maintained «the main objective is to create a strong local environment to set up companies and provide space to launch big projects».

Furthermore, Antonio Rodes gave the example of the airport as being a project that benefits both cities and he highlighted the importance of this location «which will help promote the functional area between the two cities that historically have turned their backs on each other, moreover a coherent point of contact would now be created between them with the Valencian regional strategy»..

Rodes went on to say, «we have the chance to unite one of the regional hubs of the Mediterranean and take a giant step towards overcoming the old disagreement between Alicante and Elche». There is nowhere else in the whole area that could have these characteristics». There is nowhere else in the whole area that could have these characteristics».
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